Q: How can I get an apartment?

A: Westbeth maintains a residential waiting list but we are not accepting new applications due to the length of time current applicants now spend on the list.

Q: How can I arrange to use the site for movie or photo shoots?

A: Contact Matthew Russas, the site manager, at (212) 691-1500, for information about availability, rates and other requirements.

Q: What is the big hole in the building?

A: In the early 1930s, the New York Central Railroad decided to build a new freight line from its yards near Pennsylvania Station to serve the butter and egg market then located in lower Manhattan. To accomplish this, it built the High Line -- right through one of the Bell Laboratories buildings. Train service was discontinued in the 1970s. The elevated tracks south of Westbeth were torn down, but much of the High Line north of it is now a new city park.